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New music added to Ceol FM from Rattle the Knee.

We were delighted to hear from patrick d’arcy last night. A new group that he is a member of called Rattle the Knee are releasing an album called Paving and Crigging on the 1st of August. After listening to this, we are delighted to add it to the Ceol FM library so that you can enjoy this as much as we have.

The press release published by Rattle the Knee is below:

Album cover of Paving and Crigging by Rattle the KneeRattle the Knee brings the traditional music of Ireland to the far western shores of America. It’s members have performed in well known local venues including the LA Music Center and the Ford Amphitheater, places around the country including the Grand Ol’ Opry & Carnegie Hall, and far off places including The Royal Albert Hall and the pubs and stages of Japan.

The band name derives from Séamus Ennis’ wonderful story “Don Nipiri Septo” Where Séamus describes a fairy-like character and the practicalities of farming duty, colloquialisms, and allergies to smoke. When Don “Rattles the knee of his knee britches…” we are transported into the world of the wee folk 🙂

  • Patrick D’Arcy hails from Dublin Ireland but has spent most of his musical life as a very influential uilleann piper of Southern California. He tours regularly both nationally and internationally and has appeared on numerous recordings. His solo album, “Wallop the Spot” has received critical acclaim and radio play both in the US and in Ireland. He is a founding member of the Southern California Uilleann Pipers Club and teaches locally, remotely (via internet) and around the country at uilleann piping tionóil (gatherings).
  • Kira Ott is a fiddler from Los Angeles and has been very active on the LA Irish music scene for many years. As a child she studied classical viola, but left that behind to play Irish music as a teenager. After spending many winters traveling to Donegal Ireland to learn at the Frankie Kennedy Winter School she took a few summers festival hopping around Ireland, learning and playing with many of the greats. She has performed and toured with numerous bands and teaches locally.
    Pat and Kira have been playing together for many years while each played in other bands. Finally, under the name Rattle the Knee, they decided to make their music official. They’ve teamed up with Jimmy Murphy and Rattle the Knee was complete.
  • Jimmy Murphy, guitarist and mandolinist extraordinaire, has been a cornerstone of the traditional Irish music scene in southern California for over a decade. He has appeared in performance venues from the Ford Amphitheater in Los Angeles to temples in Japan. He has performed on KPFK’s “Global Village” with Eric Rigler, on KPFK’s “Folkscene” with Mick Moloney and as part of the band Ciúnas, and live on KCSN’s “Tied to the Tracks”. Jimmy spent two years as a contracted musician in Japan; first as a soloist for Tokyo Disney Sea, then as a member of a band for Universal Studios, Japan, and finally as a key member for a four piece band again at Tokyo Disney Sea. He is the go-to guitarist for most Irish musicians in LA and has performed with both Pat and Kira in many musical configurations.

When you see Rattle the Knee, you will hear uilleann pipes, fiddle, and mandolin playing old dance tunes with driving rhythms on bódhran and guitar. Mixed in will be songs, marches and slow airs and maybe a story or two along the way.

Their debut album “Paving & Crigging” is set to be released August 1st, 2017. Unique, as the entire album is in the low-low key of B natural. Uilleann pipes, fiddle and guitar resound in this mellow key, once the standard key for the tunes being played here, perfect for Irish traditional music.

Here’s the video of the story.

Live show celebrating the addition of nearly 300 new tracks to the Ceol FM library

Thanks to everyone who tuned in for our celebration show on Saturday 8th July1 It was definitly one of the most social shows that we’ve ever done on Ceol FM. Todays show celebrated the addition of almost 300 new tracks to the Ceol FM library. Read below for a list of the new albums. Enjoy the podcast.


  • Fergal Scahill
    • Freewheel
  • Con Durham
    • Champions Of Ireland Uilleann Pipes
  • Galldubh
    • The Seventh Step
  • Kila
    • Luna Park
  • Paddy Keenan & Paddy Glackin
    • Doublin’
  • Paddy Keenan & Tommy O’Sullivan
    • Long Grazing Acre, The
  • Gráda
    • Endeavour
    • Natural Angle
  • Brian Hughes
    • Meascra – Whistle Stop
    • The Beat of the Breath
  • Beoga
    • A Lovely Madness
    • Before We Change Our Mind
    • How to Tune a Fish

Touring for Tunes 2017. Sessions in Carlow, Ennis, Cork and Doolin.

Darragh here, Every year I travel around the country at the start of June to play at sessions and meeting up with musicians and friends that I only usually get to play music with during festivals such as the Fleadh. This year, to get the Ceol FM Session stream off the ground, I thought that you might like to hear an extract from the sessions that I visited. Please comment here, on Facebook or on Twitter with your feedback.
Sessions visited were in:

  • Carlow
  • Ennis
  • Cork
  • Doolin

Please Email if you would like your session featured on Ceol FM.


Tad Sargent and Loïc Bléjean

Ceol FM were delighted to attend the launch of a new album from Tad Sargent and Loïc Bléjean on Saturday 27th May in Queens hotel in Ennis. Our thanks for providing us with this new music for the Ceol FM player.

The press release is below. You may also click here for a sample of the album. Please go buy it!

Poster for Tad Sargent and Loïc Bléjean
In hindsight, it was almost inevitable that Loïc Bléjean and Tad Sargent should record an album together – both are superb musicians, Loïc with the uilleann pipes and low whistles, Tad on the bodhrán and bouzouki and they share the same musical passions for the Irish tradition, for innovation, for style and flair and for ‘getting it right’.

They met formally, if you like, at a session in Flynn’s Bar in Ealing, west London, in late 2013 and immediately hit it off. Loïc called Tad a few months later, as he was keen on putting a duo together for the festival he runs in his beloved Brittany. There followed stays and rehearsals at Tad’s fabled flat in Barnes, then gigs in France and England, all leading to the two of them opening the show for “The Taming of the Shrew”, the widely and wildly acclaimed 2016 production at Shakespeare’s Globe in London.

And meanwhile, they were making this album…. Recorded at Sylvain Barou’s studio in Brittany, it has Sylvain himself guesting on flute, Jean-Baptist Boclé on keyboards and Ben Somers on double bass and backing vocals, each one highly regarded in his own right. Well, class attracts class!

The album has nine tracks, six sets of tunes in what has become their trademark manner – percussive, driven, with a complexity of rhythm from Tad underscoring the precision and beauty of Loïc’s melodic lines. There is sensitivity too; it is not all fire and fervour and when the tune merits a light and gentle touch, that it receives! Tad adds three songs, “Missing You” (J. MacCarthy), “Dunnes Stores Girl” (J. Spillane) and “Beeswing” (R. Thompson), each with a fitting new arrangement and delivered with his fine vocals.

It will be launched at this year’s ‘Return to Camden’ Festival, which runs from 25th to 31st October 2016, the premier Irish music festival in London. Rather appropriate, since London is where it began.

New music from Diane Cannon

It is great when really top quality Irish music comes into my inbox. I know from the reaction of listeners, they really love it too. If you would like to add your music to Ceol FM please Email me. .
I’ll let the below press release do the rest of the talking.Front cover picture

Diane Cannon – Seán Ó Duibhir a’ Ghleanna

It’s not often that a new voice arises out of an ancient tradition that fuses the richness of the past with the promise of the future. But out of the centuries-old traditions of her native Donegal, Diane Cannon is a singer and musician who beautifully brings the songs sung and the music played by the hearth fire of a long gone house ceili to the sophisticated tastes of a 21st century audience. From Meenlaragh, a small town outside the village of Gortahork in the heart of the Donegal Gaeltacht, Diane inherited her copious musical talents from both sides of her family; all four grandparents were accomplished musicians and singers.
As a youngster, Diane frequently won competitions and competes successfully to this day, most recently winning first place in the prestigious competition, Comortas Cuimhneacháin Shéain Óig Uí Thuama at Oireachtas na Gaeilge. Diane also regularly performs and records with her equally talented seán-nós singer and daughter Kelly Ní Chanainn, whom she proudly raised mentoring and steeping her in traditional Irish music and language.
“For a number of years, I have been working and researching – with Lillis Ó Laoire – forgotten songs of my native area, great songs although they have never been recorded,” she says.“I would love to breathe new life into these old songs, rejuvenating them with modern arrangements and state of the art recording while still remaining true to the core tradition. This will reinforce the respect for what has gone before while at the same time moving the tradition further into the 21st century.”
The first of these songs is the new single Seán Ó Duibhir a’ Ghleanna which is recorded under the direction of producer, composer and multi- instrumentalist Dónal Ó Connor of Redbox Recording in Belfast. The song dates back to the time of Cromwell’s … in Ireland in the mid 1700’s. The glen that is mentioned in the song is Glen of Aherlow in Tipperary. It is there that Seán lived and was evicted because of the part he played in the (battle/war/fight?) and was forced to exile to Europe. Albeit that it is Munster that is mentioned in this song and that it is a Munster version, there is a striking resemblance between it and the melody Nellie Mc Connell from Derryleconnell in Donegal had put to the song. As well as that Maighread Ní Dhomhnaill also recorded a version on her first cd from which she got from Nellie Ní Dhomhnaill of Ranafast. This would seem to indicate that the song was widespread throughout the country and that it has roots in the North as well as in the South. It was from Doimnic Mac Giolla Bhríde I head this version which he sings so well himself.
Profile picture for Diann Cannan“It was challenging for me to get the song right, as it depicts beauty and also at the same time heartbreak. Seán longs to celebrate nature and its beauty on a summers morning while yet his heart is heavy as he knows he must leave. Emigration is still something the Irish can relate to still to this day.“
With great guidance, and empathy to the song and to the voice, the music and arrangement was carefully produced by Dónal O’ Connor with wonderful accompaniment by John Mc Sherry, Paul Meehan and Conor McCreanor. Diane is also currently working on recording her new album of contemporary and traditional music with these artists and others yet to be announced.

New music added regularly.

Shops, studios, recorders and musicians! If you have new music, Ceol.FM listeners want to hear it. Get in contact to let the world hear your wonderful music.