Add Your Music

In it’s first two Months Ceol.FM has had an average of 2000 listeners from over 12 countries every week because they know that nowhere else on the Internet can provide the same quality and standard of Irish Traditional and Folk Music.

If you want to get heard, this is the place where your music needs to be. Read below for how we can arrange this.

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Use Dropbox

The easiest and most popular way of getting your music added to the Ceol FM library is to use Dropbox.

  1. Rip your CD to your computer in WAV format or ask your sound engineer to send you the files. If the files don’t already have fully up to date ID3 tags, please send an Email to Ceol FM Marketing with the track names, album name, artist name and year of publication.
  2. If you don’t already have a Dropbox account, please create one on the Dropbox website.
  3. Add these WAV files to a folder in your Dropbox account.
  4. Share the folder with Ceol FM using the Email address:
  5. Send an Email to Ceol FM Marketing with a press release or a description of your album.

Email Ceol FM

Email Ceol FM

If Dropbox just isn’t your thing and you’d prefer to send a CD to Ceol FM that’s no problem at all. just Email with a description of your album and we’ll send you on the address that you can send it to.
Tipically new music is added every week on Saturday or Sunday. News of this is published to our Facebook account, Twitter feed and website. For the best effect, we ask that you provide a press release or a description of your album to help us get you the most exposure possible.