Santa is pictured playing a fiddle. Bet he's just back from a great Séis with a belly full of the black stuff.

Darragh here, the person behind most of what Ceol FM does from day to day.

Ceol FM started in February of this year. since then, it’s grown to have hundreds of followers on twitter, over 1200 followers on Facebook and ten thousand listeners every week from over 35 countries around the world!

I would like to thank you all for your support in 2017. As a small jesture, I’d like to give you the sound of an Irish Christmas. This stream contains some of the best Irish traditional musicians singing Christmas songs that you’ll instantly recognise and some Irish Christmas songs that you may not recognise so quickly.

If you would rather some normal Christmas music, please visit our friends over at Christmas FM. They do a brilliant job and we really like that they support very worth while charities every year.

Happy Christmas from Ceol FM.