Listen to a diverse playlist of Irish Traditional and Folk Music and when a presenter is live, enjoy their program.

In the mood for something fast, powerfull and energetic? This hand made playlist will get you going.

Chill out. Relax. Wined down. It’s the soothing stream from Ceol FM. Some of the nicest melodies you will ever hear.

Listen to rare Sean-nós albums such as An Duinníneach and Maidin Bhog Álainn as well as new music from Elizabeth Cronin.

Listen to Irish Traditional and Folk songs only in this hand made playlist.

The pipes can sound haunting or they can energise a performance. Listen to this uilleann pipes only stream for proof.
The fiddle is one of the most popular instruments used to play Irish Traditional and Folk Music. This playlist highlights some of the best players of this versatile instrument.
Ceol FM adds hundreds of new tracks every month for your listening pleasure. This playlist is automatically generated to highlight the newest music.