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Why Ceol FM,

Internet radio is the next step. Old stations that you tune into can only provide one stream to you. Ceol.FM is a next generation Internet radio station so there are no limitations. This means that if someone is broadcasting a show but you just want to hear back to back music, no problem. If you are in the mood for something energetic to get you going in the morning, no problem. If your settling down after a hard day and you need something calming. That’s no problem too. These services are available to Ceol FM listeners right now.

No one likes to get the message “Storage almost full” because you’ve packed your phone so full of music there isn’t space for anything else.

Ceol.FM is the solution! Listen to the highest quality Irish Traditional and Folk Music any time anywhere in the world using your Internet connection.

Who is Darragh

Darragh is an uilleann piper from Drogheda Co. Louth. Playing for over 25 years, he has performed all over the world in countries such as America, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, Austria and Israel. When not playing, he works as a senior system administrator in Dublin City University. If not working, you will find him enjoying sessions all over Ireland or tinkering with technology.

Darragh plays the uilleann pipes at the high cross in Louth

Keeping Ceol FM alive

10,000 people from over 35 countries on average enjoy Ceol FM every week. The popularity of Ceol FM has grown faster than anticipated. To sustain and grow Ceol FM help is needed. Get involved by contributing to the website or social media, presenting a show or donating music or supporting Ceol FM with a donation.

The technical stuff.

Ceol.FM runs on a virtual machine hosted in Azure. The streaming service is built on Icecast and the automated music play back is handled by the EZStream package. Music is automatically encoded using Lame at 192KBPS. The playlist is regenerated once every hour and the ID3 details are pulled using scripts from the Last.FM API. Darragh has designed, developed and implemented every component of the Ceol FM service from the ground up. This included:

  • Working out the optimal technical resources required
  • Creating the Azure virtual machine
  • Installing the operating system
  • Removing all non-required services
  • Configuring all streaming related dependencies
  • Installing and configuring IceCast and EZStream
  • Installing web server components
  • Designing and developing website
  • Creating and designing the Ceol FM Player
  • Writing scripts to ensure high availability and full automation
  • Using social media to advertise Ceol FM and engage with listeners
  • Use Google apps for Email and file sharing

Darragh can provide IT services through his company Computer Support Services.