More new changes.

It has been great to receive your requests for enhancements and changes.  Here are a few that have been finished in the past few months. 

1.  Log in with Facebook or Google. 

2.  Reset password facility. 

3.  Browse artists in a new table view.  The grid view is still available. 

4.  Subscribe for a year and get money off. 

5.  Landing page after log in.  When you log in, go straight to albums, artists or playlists. Set this from your profile page. 

6.  Some under the hood changes to make links easier to find. 

7.  A few security fixes to ensure music is securely stored. 

8.  More albums added. 

9.  New icons added to the artist view. 

10.  Got rid of the username.  Now just log in with Email.  It's easier to remember. 

More features coming soon. 


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