Launching the new Ceol FM website

Ceol FM is changing and I think you are going to love it.

On a bright fresh Thursday afternoon in February 2017, I posted a quick thought to Facebook asking if anyone would be intereseted in a service that would stream traditional Irish music 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The response was ten times bigger than I had expected. By 5pm that day, 200 people expressed an interest. since then, Ceol FM has grown to stream in 37 countries and to tens of thousands of listeners every week.

But it hasn't all been great. The cost of running Ceol FM increased along with the listener count and a few technical difficulties meant that people couldn't see what had played before the currently playing track.

In June 2018 I decided that I was going to completely redesign the Ceol FM service. In paralell with providing the streaming service that thousands of people enjoy every week, I thought it would be great to give people the option of creating their own playlists based on what they wanted to hear. This feature of finding the music you are interested in has always been at the Core of Ceol FM with the energetic, soothing, pipes, fiddle, flute, songs only, tuens only streams but with the new Ceol FM I wanted to give users the power to mix and match as many filters as they wanted.

Sign up to Ceol FM today and
<li>Create filters based on speed, instrument, song or tune and even mood. </li>
<li>Use a powerful search function to find the right track, album, artist or even contributing artist.</li>
<li>Create and save custom playlists.</li>
<li>As always, new music is added regularly.</li>
<li>Opt in to be informed when new music is added.</li>


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