It’s been a while since anything has been posted to the Ceol FM website but it’s because I have been waiting for something worth posting. A short while ago I was asked for more podcasts. So here you go! I’m delighted to introduce you to Erin Breen from Erins Isle, a podcaster from America who is living in Ireland and experiencing what this great little country of ours has to offer.

Erin allows you to paint your own picture in your minds eye of the areas that she visits by capturing the raw sounds of these places. For example in this podcast where Erin visits Blarney castle and the Blarney stone, you can hear the stones under her feet as she walks, you can hear the tour guide warning people to be careful and you can hear some of the descriptions. It’s a lovely description of the area that has encouraged me to go visit soon.

It is hoped that Erin will visit some of the music festivals this year to try to capture some of the activity that can be found. Stay near Ceol FM for details.