We love music and musicians that respect the Irish traditions and who carefully push the boundaries. Today’s featured musician is Eileen Ivers and few have done this as distinctly as she has. Reared by Irish parents in the Bronx, Eileen’s style is very obviously influenced by the diverse cultures in that area but it’s also clear that her routes are firmly in the Irish traditions. Even as a young child Eileen Ivers was winning awards. At age eight she won her first all-Ireland title and went on to win 8 more shortly afterward.

From beautiful laments to energetic and playful dance music, Eileen’s style is stunning. If you love listening to fiddle players, please remember that Ceol FM has a Fiddle only stream. Click Play on our Fiddle stream on the listen page.

Paraphrasing from the official Eileen Ivers website:

Eileen Ivers was nominated for a Grammy award, nominated for an Emmy award, she has played with the London Symphony Orchestra, the Boston Pops, Sting, Hall and Oates, The Chieftains, ‘Fiddlers 3’ with Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg and Regina Carter, Patti Smith, she has guest starred with over 40 other orchestras, is the original Musical Star of River dance and of course, Eileen Ivers is a Nine Time All-Ireland Fiddle Champion!

It’s great when a musician has the freedom to push the boundaries but I think it’s even nicer when although she or he has pushed those boundaries that they are aware of where the music came from. Therefore, it’s great to acknowledge that Eileen Ivers still begins and ends each performance with Irish music. Although she bridges various musical styles such as jazz, blues and rock, she always comes back to her roots.

You can read more about Eileen Ivers at her website.

You can find music from Eileen Ivers on both iTunes and on Google Play.

Listen to a wonderful arrangement of Pachelbel’s Frolics on YouTube.