Today we feature an artist who’s songs are still as popular today as they were when released twenty+ years ago. The one and only Paul Brady, born in Belfast and raised in Strabane county Tyrone is one of Ireland’s most popular artists across many genres. Paul was born in 1947 and being a child of the fifties was greatly influenced by music from the fifties and sixties. With family influences, Irish traditional music was also in the mix. Paul’s father played and taught the flute and from a young age Paul began to learn the piano mainly by ear, trial and error. By the age of 11 he began to learn the guitar spending his time learning from such artists as The Shadows and The Ventures. Chuck Berry was also an influence in Brady’s music. Paul started performing by playing the piano in a hotel in Bundoran county Donegal.

Before he began his solo career Paul Brady collaborated and performed with artists such as Planxty and the Johnstons at a time when Irish music was making a comeback in Dublin. He Moved to New York with the Johnstons in 1972 and returned to Dublin in 1974 where he joined the group Planxty. Paul joined musicians such as Andy Irvine, Matt Malloy and Fiddle player Tommy Peoples and later recorded his first solo album Welcome Here Kind Stranger which was his only album of traditional songs before he explored the rock and pop scenes where he recorded several albums. Audiences today are still requesting old favourites like the Lakes of Pontchartrain and Arthur McBride which he brought to life during his time singing and performing traditional music. Recently he has collaborated with singers such as Cara Dillon. As well as having 15 albums where he has contributed music, he also has had songs featured in films.

in 2009 Paul received an honorary degree of Doctor of Letters from the University of Ulster in recognition of his services to Irish traditional music and song writing. .

For further information on Paul you can visit his website.

You can buy music from Paul on iTunes and Google Play Store.

Here’s Paul Brady singing The Lakes of Pontchartrain.