Come here! This is what the meaning of the name of today’s featured group is in Gaelic. Goitse are a five piece multi award winning energetic group formed in Limerick’s Irish World Academy. The group have won awards here in Ireland, Germany and the United States. They were named Chicago Irish American News album of the year and they are described as becoming a leader in the new generation of Irish music ensembles. Members of the group include the captivating voice of Áine McGeeney who when not singing provides excellent fiddle playing, Colm Phelan on bodhran, Conal O’Kane who is quickly becoming one of the finest guitarists of his generation, Tadhg Ó’Meachair on piano and piano accordion and Alan Reid a multi instrumentalist. Goitse have released four studio albums and are continuously touring both at home and abroad. The group are making music that Irish Music Magazine so accurately described it as “music that is brimming with energy and creative zeal”. The group are currently on their United States summer tour and their first stop was the highly acclaimed Milwaukee Irish Fest where they played three shows. The group are well known for keeping the tradition of Irish music alive with their own energetic compositions and music from around the country. The members of the group come from the four coners of the country and each member brings their own style to the group giving it its distinctive sound.

To find out more about Goitse head over to their website.

Their music can be purchased on iTunes and the Google Play Store.

Listen to Goitse singing a love song called My Belfast Love

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