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Irish and Celtic music is not only popular here in Ireland but all over the world, bringing us across the water a long way from county Clare to the United States for our featured group today. An Irish-American group by the name of Solas. Solas is the Gaelic word for light and this group are certainly bright and full of energy. Music has quoted the band as being loudly proclaimed as the most popular, influential and exciting Celtic band to ever emerge from the United States. The group was formed back in 1996 and last year celebrated their 20th anniversary by combining all of the members of the group past and present to record an album called All These Years. Solas found a contemporary style in traditional music and made it their own. The group had members such as Seamus Eagan, a multi instrumentalist and a founding member, Winifred Horan also a founding member on violins and vocals and Mick McCauley on button accordion and vocals. Eamon McElholm brought the keyboards and guitars the newest member of the group is Moira Smiley on vocals and banjo. The group have recorded 12 albums and have more miles touring the world done in 20 years than you could possibly imagine. In their biography on their website Solas are said to be musical proof that Celtic music today is a truly universal musical language. Their 20th anniversary recording saw the return of singer Karen Casey to the group and past members return to the stage for a tour that was a once in a lifetime opportunity. The group announced this year that after their last show in the World Café live in Philadelphia on March 19th this year that they would be taking a break from the road and recording.

In the mean time their music can be got on iTunes and Google Play.

Listen to Solas with a song called Tell God and the Devil