Recently known for playing the accordion for cows in a field for a bit of craic, Sharon Shannon has been front and center in the Irish music scene since her late late show appearance in 1993. Her style is unique and instantly recognisable as energetic and skillful. She is also a multi-instrumentalist as in addition to the accordion Sharon also plays the fiddle, whistle, and melodeon.

I should have guessed of course but Sharon Shannon is actually From Ruan in County Clare and not from Galway. As she says herself, she’s a “blowin 🙂 “. She is currently living in Saulthill in Galway.

You can read a very nice Biography of Sharon shannon here.

We are delighted to feature Sharon Shannon on the ceol FM website and we are privlidged to have her music on the Ceol FM player. Please support Sharon Shannon by buying her music from iTunes or Google Play.

The Youtube clip I’ve picked today is a lovely recording with the RTE concert Orchestra. It’s a tune that every Irish person will associate with Sharon Shannon’s style.