Staying across the pond, today as part of our featured artist/group we are delighted to feature a group from England. Flook an Anglo-Irish band who are known for composing much of their own music. Their music is fast and energetic comprising of whistle, flute, guitar and bodhrán. The band has a very creative and unique style while keeping the traditional sound alive. Irish music review wrote:

Flook is a highly successful recipe.

Flook have recorded 5 albums including a live recording. In 2008 the band took a break from touring and recording but by popular demand reunited in 2013 and has continued to capture audiences wherever they play. Live Ireland voted Flook’s album Rubai album of the year in 2003 and Brian Finnegan was voted male musician of the year.

Read a review of a live performance from a few years back here.

If you haven’t heard this incredible group already then I urge you to check them out. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Start your day off with this lively and energetic tune called The Sligo Reel.

To find out more about Flook visit their website.
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