With an impressive six studio albums and one live album released, Niamh Parsons is one of the treasures among Irish Traditional singers. It is our pleasure to therefore feature Niamh Parsons on day two. Her most recent album Kind Providence recorded with Graham Dunne a guitar player from Dublin is a stunning collection of songs that Niamh sings with perfection.
One of the latest reviews is quoted as saying:

One of the most beautiful and expressive voices in all of Ireland. Niamh Parsons has the ability to climb into a song, take ownership and then sing it for the listener to experience–not simply hear.

Written by -Cindy Reich, Music journalist for “Irish Music Magazine” (Dublin, Ireland), “The Living Tradition” (Ayrshire, Scotland), “The Celtic Connection” (Denver, Colorado.
Of course, we would be remis not to mention Graham Dunne. An exceptional guitar player in his own right, Graham has expertly produced Niamh Parson’s latest album and also accompanies many of the songs.
I have Chosen a song from Niamh’s album Blackbirds and Thrushes which was released in April 1999. The song is called The Water is Wide.
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