My first featured artist/group for the 1st of Ausust is a group.
Lúnasa is a traditional Irish group formed in 1996 and has had members such as Michael McGoldrick, John McSherry and Tim Edey. The current members of the group are Seán Smyth, Kevin Crawford, Trevor Hutchinson, Cillian Valley and Ed Boyd.
Lúnasa gets its name from Lughnasadh an ancient harvest festival. The group was founded when Seán Smyth, John McSherry and Steve Cooney got together to tour for Seán’s solo album “The Blue Fiddle”. Michael McGoldrick was called in to tour with the group as a four piece. It was while on tour in Scandinavia with Trevor Hutchinson and Donogh Hennessey that Lúnasa as we know it was born.
The band have their own record lable and have toured the world. In 2013 the group performed with the RTÉ concert orchestra which was made into an album.
It is fitting that I started the moneh with this band as Lúnasa is the Gaelic/Irish word for August. The tune I have chosen comes from their album Kinnitty Sessions and it’s called the Walurs.
To find out more about Lúnasa visit their website.
If you use an apple phone or computer, you can buy their music here.
Or on the Google play store, you can buy their music here.